Water and Tidal Powered Home Generators

So you are interested in harnessing energy through efficient and cost saving methods. Good for you! The way to accomplish this is often through the use of a home generator. If you live near water, you might opt for a water powered generator. Home generators are a popular choice, but are you familiar with the water pow-ered models? Do you know what a water and tidal energy converter is?

The Water and Tidal Powered Home Generator

What exactly is a water and tidal home generator? It’s a piece of equipment designed to harness energy in an unconventional method. How so? By using tidal waves in a body of water. Basically, the energy is derived from a river. Think of this machine as an underwater wind mill of sorts.

How Does the Water Generator Actually Work?

With a propeller, a shaft and an alternator, this machine will extract energy from the water. Impulse, reaction and submersible generators are the commonly used options of water powered units. The impulse is high head, whereas the reaction type is low head. The reaction generators combine the use of pressure with forced water. There is also a kinetic water powered generator.

How Can These Generators Be Used Effectively?

Let’s say you own a home in very close proximity to a lake or river. You can put that body of water to good use by harnessing its power. If you own a houseboat, you might do the same. With available water, your en-ergy source will be constant, and this is the major advantage to having a water and tidal powered home gen-erator. These are also convenient to have in the event of a power outage.

Depending on the size of your home and how many levels it has, you may need only one mid-size generator to work efficiently. Larger homes may require two units. You may also use the water turbine or generator in conjunction with your solar powered machinery.