6 Curious Facts About Hoarding

10 Nov

Hoarding is a common problem that affects two to five percent of Americans. It is more than just collecting items, it is a mental disorder than can affect a person’s home and social life. Here are six interesting facts about hoarding that you may not have known. Hoarding is Hereditary Studies have shown that a region […]

3 Things You Need To Know About Horizontal Drilling

06 Oct

The practice of oil drilling has changed considerably over the years as the technology has changed. Even people that are involved in drilling often don’t understand the difference that newer technology, like mud motors and premium connections, have made in the field of oil drilling. These changes have led to new techniques, like horizontal drilling, […]

6 Signs That You Need A Water Softener

02 Oct

Many municipalities have hard water, instead of the more desirable soft water. Hard water is water that has a lot of dissolved minerals in it, such as calcium and magnesium, while soft water doesn’t have these minerals. Hard water isn’t bad for your health, but it is bad for your plumbing, since these dissolved minerals […]

Avoid These Three Things That Can Shut Down Your Septic System

18 Jul

Approximately one of every five Canadian households use septic systems to dispose of waste from toilets and drains. These septic systems are generally reliable, and if well-constructed and maintained, will last for many decades. However, neglect, such as waiting too long between the pumping of solid wastes, can drastically shorten the lifespan of septic systems. Here […]

Getting Rid Of Waste And Garbage: 4 Factors To Look For In Garbage Bins

16 Jul

Did you know that Canadians produce more garbage than just about anywhere else? Statistics from 2009 show that the average Canadian citizen produces approximately 777 kilograms of garbage every year compared to the average 578 kilograms produced by other countries in the study. With such a high capacity for producing garbage, it is important to invest in […]